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Question: What should I look for in legal representation?

Answer: The most important factors in the selection of an attorney to represent you or your business are integrity of the attorneys, reputation of the attorneys, knowledge of the attorneys, and prior results of the attorneys.

Question: Who rates the legal ability and ethical standards of attorneys?

Answer: The best known system of rating attorneys throughout the United States is one employed by Martindale-Hubbell© in which lawyers in each community are asked to evaluate the legal ability and ethical standards of other lawyers. The highest rating a lawyer or a law firm can achieve is "A" for legal ability and "V" for ethical standards.

Question: How do Leger & Shaw and its partners rate in the Martindale-Hubbell© system?

Answer: Both the law firm itself and the named partners are rated "AV". Additionally, Leger & Shaw bears the distinction of having been named to the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.©

Question: How long have the partners of Leger & Shaw been practicing maritime law?

Answer: The three partners of Leger & Shaw have approximately 70 years of maritime litigation experience. All three are members of the Maritime law Association of the United States, and the named partners have the designation of Proctor in Admiralty by the Association.

Question: What is the out of pocket cost of hiring a lawyer to represent me in a personal injury, maritime, product liability, or medical malpractice case?

Answer: Leger & Shaw handles these matters on a contingency basis wherein we advance the cost of litigation. Leger & Shaw only gets paid or recovers its cost if successful in the litigation. During the course of the litigation, the client has no out of pocket expense.

Question: If I do not live in Louisiana, can Leger & Shaw still handle my case?

Answer: Leger & Shaw has handled litigation in many states throughout the United States. While our lawyers are not admitted to the bar of any states other than Louisiana, they are regularly admitted on a case by case basis to handle cases in other states with the association of local counsel wherein Leger & Shaw provides its specialized knowledge in various areas of the law and the local counsel provides local service and support.

Question: Will the association of local counsel cost me any additional legal fees?

Answer: No. There is only a single legal fee which is shared by Leger & Shaw and any associated local counsel.

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