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Auto and Motor Vehicle Defects

New Orleans Auto Defect Lawyers

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Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the defective auto accident attorneys at Leger & Shaw have served clients throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region injured by defective car parts or poorly designed SUVs for nearly 35 years.

Our attorneys possess extensive trial experience and impeccable credentials. In addition, we tenaciously pursue your claim with a goal of maximizing your recovery. We treat your claim as if it were our own. For more detailed information on why we are the product liability injury law firm for you, please visit our Firm Overview page.

Aggressive New Orleans Louisiana Auto Defect Attorney

Auto accidents are a frequent occurrence. In many instances the accidents are a result of negligent drivers. However, some accidents are a result of defective auto parts or dangerous designs. Our attorneys aggressively pursue auto defect claims, including the following:

  • Seatbelt defect claims - Defective seatbelts may not cause accidents, but they often contribute to the injuries sustained if you are in an auto accident. If you are injured, or your injuries exacerbated by a defective seatbelt, then you may be entitled to additional compensation from the auto dealer or the seatbelt manufacturer.
  • Tire defects - Defective tire claims arise when tire tread wears out rapidly due to a manufacturing error. Defective tires that explode (a tire blowout or flat tire) cause many auto defect accidents.
  • Airbag defects - Defective airbags also cause many auto defect accidents or contribute to injuries. If an airbag is prematurely deployed, it can cause injury and an accident. Likewise, an airbag that fails to deploy can lead to more serious injury or death.
  • Brake defects - Defective brakes can cause serious injury or death. Brake failure due to defective brakes can lead to head-on collisions and other vehicle accidents, including pedestrian death.
  • Design defects - Defective design issues are most prevalent in SUV rollover cases, roof-crush cases (mostly SUVs), vehicle crashworthiness, or poor highway or roadway design cases. If the design of a vehicle or road contributed to an accident, then a claim may exist.

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For further information regarding Louisiana auto defect laws, or to discuss your motor vehicle or auto accident injury claim with an experienced product liability attorney, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 504-322-4299 or toll free at 1-888-708-8950, or e-mail us by completing the client intake form on our Contact Us page. Put 34 years of auto defect accident experience to work for you.

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