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Environmental & Toxic Exposure

New Orleans Toxic Tort Attorneys

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Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the toxic tort lawyers at Leger & Shaw represent clients throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region injured by toxic chemicals, products, and molds. We have been representing toxic tort victims for nearly 35 years, handling major litigation and complex class action lawsuits involving injury, disease, and death caused by natural and manmade toxins.

Our attorneys possess extensive trial experience with poisons, toxic chemicals and substances, and natural toxins such as tobacco and gas leaks. Our credentials are impeccable. For more detailed information on why we are the toxic tort litigation law firm for you, please visit our Firm Overview page.

Common Toxins - Chemical Spills, Lead Pain Exposure, and Gas and Oil Leaks

While many products contain toxins, or may form toxins under certain circumstances, the following are some of the more common toxins seen in toxic tort claims:

  • Toxic chemicals - many industrial cleaners and solvents contain toxins, and long term exposure can cause irreparable damage. Toxic chemical spills also expose many people to harmful toxins and poisons. Toxic chemicals include pesticides, toxic waste (including waste treatment plants), and biohazardous materials from hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Lead paint - lead paint exposure typically through ingestion, and mostly by infants and small children who ingest lead dust that can get on the floor, their toys, their hands, and other things that children can stick in their mouth. Lead paint is common in older homes or buildings.
  • Toxic mold - are mold spores which can accumulate and grow in moist areas, most commonly between walls, flooring, and ceilings, as well as on furniture. Infants are the most susceptible to toxic mold injury or death.
  • Gas exposure - gas leaks in the home or workplace are the most forms of exposure to toxic gas fumes.
  • Tobacco - tobacco litigation is widely known as well as the danger and harms from first and second hand tobacco smoke. Cigarettes, cigars, and pipe smoke are the most common forms of tobacco toxins.
  • Asbestos exposure - asbestos and other toxic products can cause cancer and other diseases, including Mesothelioma (Meso).

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For further information regarding Louisiana toxic torts, or to discuss your chemical exposure injury claim with an experienced toxic tort lawyer, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 504-322-4299 or toll free at 1-888-708-8950, or e-mail us by completing the client intake form on our Contact Us page. Put our 34 years of toxic tort experience to work for you.

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