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Medical Device and Drug Defects

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Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the defective medical device and defective drug attorneys at Leger & Shaw have spent nearly 35 years assisting Louisiana and Gulf Coast clients injured by defective medical products. Defective medical product claims are very complex.

Experienced Louisiana Medical Product Liability Attorney

We have the experience and knowledge to handle complex medical product defect litigation that may involve multiple parties and insurance companies, as well as complex issues of fact and law. For more detailed information on why we are the right law firm for you, please visit our Firm Overview page.

Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices are manufactured to prolong and save lives. Unfortunately, in some cases, medical products are defective. If a defective medical product has injury to you, or if you have lost a loved due to a defective medical device, we can help. Some known defective medical devices include the following:

  • Defective pacemaker - a pacemaker is a medical device implant designed to regulate your heartbeat
  • Defective defibrillator - a defibrillator is a medical device implant used to stop ventricular defibrillation, which causes heart attacks (cardiac arrest)
  • Defective mediport - sometimes referred to as an infusaport or chemotherapy lifeport, a mediport is a medical device implant used to infuse medication directly into the blood
  • Breast implants - breast implants may develop leaks and cause harm

When medical device manufacturers place profits above safety, and their greed caused you, or a family member, serious injury, seek experienced legal help immediately to help you get the compensation you deserve and curb this behavior.

Defective Drugs

Known defective drugs, that have been subject of a drug recall, include the following dangerous drugs manufactured by Merck, Searle, and Pfizer:

  • Vioxx
  • Bextra
  • Celebrex

The litigation involving those drugs mostly revolve around cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, chest pain related to heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and even death. If you have used one of these drugs, and experienced one of the cardiovascular problems above, contact an experienced Louisiana defective drug attorney. Drugs should help people; not hurt them.

Contact a Louisiana Medical Product Liability Attorney

For further information regarding Louisiana drug defect laws, or to discuss your defective medical device injury claim with an experienced medical product liability attorney, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 504-322-4299 or toll free at 1-888-708-8950. You may also e-mail us by completing the client intake form on our Contact Us page. Put our 34 years of product liability experience to work for you.

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