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In most states today, an injured person does not have to be the purchaser of the product in order to recover from the manufacturer or seller of the product under a product liability theory.

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Leger & Shaw is a full service New Orleans law firm that focuses on product liability injury claims, including auto defects, ship and boat defects, oil field equipment defects, and medical device and drug defects. For a more detailed list of some of our recent product liability claims we have handled, please visit our Defective Product Litigation page. Whether your injuries were caused by a defective product or due to a manufacturer's failure to warn about an inherently dangerous product, we have the experience you seek to assist you with your claim.

Our attorneys believe you should have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding the handling of your product liability claim. Accordingly, we are providing you with some general information regarding product liability law. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, or if you wish to discuss your particular injury claim, please contact an experienced product liability injury lawyer and schedule a free confidential consultation. Manufacturers and their insurance companies have high-powered attorneys representing their legal interests; let us represent yours.

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Did any written documentation or warnings accompany the product?

When was the product purchased?

Is or was the product ever under warranty?

Did the salesperson make any representations, statements or promises, regarding the product's performance?

Had you experienced problems with the product prior to your injury? Were they similar to the problem that occurred when you were injured?

Had the product in question ever been altered?

Had the product in question ever been repaired or serviced? When? Where? Why?

When did the injury occur? How did it occur?

Did a health care professional treat the injuries? When? Prognosis?

How has the injury altered your lifestyle?

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